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Role Of Unified Threat Management Solutions In Your Business

What if you don’t invest in a Unified Security solution?
Malicious users could spy on your business if it does not have the right security installed and managed. Leaving out Unified Security Solutions (UTM) is exposing your business to viruses, worms, spyware and other network attacks.

Challenges Faced By Your Business

  1. Online scam cases are being reported every now and then. Without the right network security, your business could be vulnerable to such scams.
  2. Your business could be a victim of spam emails if there are no appropriate security countermeasures taken. You may not be pleased if your email addresses and staff’s personal information are used for spam advertising.
  3. Denial of Service attacks does lead to flooding requests to your server until it crashes. This could lead to financial loss and slow down your business operations.
  4. Having weak network security will lead to hackers having access to sensitive information such as your business tactics and strategies.
  5. Losing your data is something that could severely weaken your business. It is better to take preventive measures by installing the right UTM technology for your business.

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Installing Unified Threat Management With Flashnet

We do not just leave your organization with one UTM; we install a backup UTM so that when one fails, the other can pick up right away to ensure consistency in your Network Security. We try to understand your business first. Then analyze your network and identify if there are any improvements needed prior to installing UTM appliances. As soon as the necessities are covered, we install the Unified Solution that will integrate with the whole business network. Until the Unified Solution is well-optimized, adjustments will be made accurately and efficiently. Besides, a backup Unified Solution will be installed if required for the smooth management of your business.

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You are now ready to have a Unified Security Solution implemented in your organization to have the desired impact on your productivity and growth. At Flashnet, our professional experts carry out continuous management of your network and ensure that the right measures are taken to maintain the security of your network.

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