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SD-WAN technology, A leverage to your business

Most businesses aim to invest less and earn more from an investment. This is also true in investing in technology. But also the investment must be done correctly so that you can be able to earn accordingly. SDWAN can leverage your business in the same way we have found SDWAN technology benefitting most organizations we have served as us being the SD-WAN Service Provider in Tanzania.

So what could be the reasons to have you switched to adopting SD-WAN technology? Let us delve into finding out the benefits of SD-WAN technology and how they can be of use to your business.

1. Centralized

SDWAN is designed in a way that supports centralized control of your networks. This will
help in controlling your network traffic and this will enable your users to get more out of the
network. This is to improve speed and also better prioritization of traffic. Those apps and
traffic that need high speed are to be given prioritization for faster communication to take

2. Security and Performance

SDWAN works with end-to-end encryption which helps to secure your business against
attacks. The communication done via SDWAN is encrypted so that any attempts on trying to
sniff the communication being done should not be possible. This makes SDWAN technology
more trustworthy as compared to other early technologies.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

With SDWAN, most traffic takes the most efficient path thus communication is very fast. You
get to experience fast communication and this saves a lot of costs that could have shown up
if the network was not quite fast enough and get things done on time. Any delays in business
can cost you money and this is why it’s important for considering fast communication
technology like SDWAN.

4. Staff efficiency

Yes, SDWAN is to improve the efficiency of your staff. How can SDWAN technology make
this possible? Well, SDWAN supports most automation and handles a lot of essential
network operations such as routing and cyberattack prevention. This leads to having your
staff be efficient in doing their daily tasks as they are less distracted, have high morale and
work efficiently due to automation. A stable internet connection makes staff less frustrated
and they are to work smoothly. Customers will also benefit from stable services and
operations due to stable communication empowered by SDWAN.

5. Traffic Optimization

Your network traffic gets optimized through path selection and intelligent routing. SDWAN
helps to choose the best channels for sending your network traffic. This means less
connection loss, faster transmission and lower bandwidth usage are to be experienced. Any
live streaming and live data applications that you use are to benefit from this. All that is
required is that the SDWAN setup is done appropriately so that the needed output is

6. Scalability

Another advantage that SDWAN technology has for your business is it fits with any
organization’s size. If your organization grows, SDWAN technology can cover and deliver accordingly. And what about when you need to move to SDWAN technology, is your current
internet setup of no use anymore? There is no need to let go of any internet setup you
currently have. You only need to adapt the right SDWAN gear for your business. There is
controlled-based SD-WAN, gateway-based SD-WAN and on-premises SD-WAN. Each SDWAN
gear has its strengths and weaknesses and you need a professional to handle it.

From the above-noted points about this technology, we find that it can be of benefit to any business of any size and it can be adopted so that it delivers the right output expected by a certain organization.