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Moving to Microsoft Office 365

So, what is Microsoft Office 365? The opportunity to work from anywhere by being able to access your data, files and apps is what Microsoft Office 365 does. You get to access the Office apps such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint with all the files that you have stored in the cloud through this subscription.

It is important to have your Office 365 installed and managed by a Microsoft Certified Reseller so that even when there are any challenges, you can get support from the reseller team. Like us, we are resellers of Microsoft Office 365 Services in Tanzania and we have found significant benefits with Office 365 with fewer challenges faced by our clients.

Why go for Office 365?

1. It is cloud-based

Office 365 is cloud-based. This makes it possible for users to be able to access files from anywhere as long as they have a good internet connection. You can work from anywhere with these tools. Since Office 365 wanted to make it easy to use, there are web apps and desktop apps for the applications available with Office 365.

2. Office 365 Security

Since these apps work with different files and data, encryption, authentication and other
security features are important in Office 365. To fortify security through authentication and
authorization, Office 365 is monitored with Microsoft Azure Security tools so that to ensure
that not any device or user can access files and data.

3. Data backup

Microsoft One Drive is the Personal Cloud Storage. It links with Office 365 and it supports
storing all the files that are created and opened with Office 365. However, it is important to
have a Managed Service Provider like us to help you perform better data backup as an extra
layer of security to your data.

What are the advantages of Office 365?

1. Work anywhere, anytime

You can work from any point and this brings agility and quick responsiveness to getting
things done. In short, it boosts productivity in our daily tasks. You don’t have to wait to be at
the office for you to get things done.

2. Emails Checking

Check your emails at any time. Work with your emails from anywhere through the Outlook
app that comes with Office 365 subscription. Outlook is a well-organized application that
makes it easy to find your emails and be able to effectively communicate with your peers or
clients as a whole.

3. Collaborate on a Project

Multiple users can work on a file at the same time which makes it easy to communicate and
collaborate on a single file or work that is being done. Each user can input what they have in
mind and all the changes are tracked accordingly. You can schedule a meeting, attend a
meeting, meet through Microsoft Teams app, share files, be a co-author on certain content
and comment on something so that the comment can be found by other users and work on

4. Use the latest version of apps

After paying for the subscription, you get to have automatic updates and you get to use the
latest Microsoft Office 365 apps. These apps get to have better features, improvement in
performance plus having better security for your data and files.

5. Data loss prevention

This is one of the strengths of using Office 365 whereby any sensitive data in your email or
your files, is held securely or encrypted so that it does not end up in the wrong hands. For
example, passwords that you may have written in your email as you compose an email, the
password can be hashed so that when the email is sent, the password remains hashed.

6. Threat analytics

Office 365 is integrated with security features that help to detect any emerging threat and
what corrective measures can be taken. Some of the security issues could be phishing
attacks and any other issues in an attempt of collecting personal information that could be
used in fraud activities.

We can continue to list down the benefits and why to go for Office 365. However, the above-
mentioned benefits and features are one of the significant benefits of Office 365 and how they can be of use to your business or personal use.