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Flashnet is Tanzania’s leading provider of reliable and high-speed wireless internet solutions. Our flagship Business Air Broadband service is tailored to cater to the unique connectivity needs of businesses in Tanzania. 

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    Leading broadband service provider in Tanzania.

    Fast and Reliable Internet for Your Business

    Experience seamless connectivity with our Business Air Broadband, a high-speed internet service designed with Tanzanian businesses in mind. Leveraging state-of-the-art internet technology, we ensure a consistently fast and dependable internet connection for your business, enabling optimal productivity.

    Uncapped Data Plans for Uninterrupted Operations

    At Flashnet, we understand that your business needs an uninterrupted internet connection to thrive. That’s why our Business Air Broadband offers uncapped data plans, providing you with unrestricted access to high-speed internet, irrespective of your data usage.

    Swift Installation and Setup

    Flashnet is committed to ensuring your business stays connected. With our swift installation process, we strive to get your Business Air Broadband service up and running within 7 working days of application approval, minimizing any potential downtime.

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    Why Choose Us?

    To carry out and manage such an operation does need the right partner and with the attributes we hold we believe to be your right choice:

    Dedicated team

    We have a team of staff that is dedicated, has the right skills and they have broad understanding of the technology and approaches to make the whole operation a success


    We have been providing BCRD services enterprises across verticals for years. Our reliable and effective solutions have helped many organizations recover and resurface from different IT disaster incidents.

    BCDR management and Strategies

    When we provide BCDR solutions, we come up with the right strategies, benchmarked and recommended by other experts.

    Preventive approach

    We prefer taking a proactive approach when it comes to sensitive and crucial matters. We survey your premises from time to time to ensure all your IT infrastructure is operating in accordance.


    Business Air Broadband is a high-speed, internet service provided by Flashnet specifically designed to cater to the connectivity needs of businesses in Tanzania. It ensures reliable and efficient internet access for optimal business operations.

    Flashnet’s Business Air Broadband offers a range of benefits, including reliable high-speed internet, 24/7 customer support, uncapped data plans, and swift installation process. This service is designed to ensure seamless business operations and maximum productivity.

    Absolutely! Our Business Air Broadband service offers uncapped data plans, meaning you can use as much data as your business requires without worrying about data limits.

    While we strive to provide widespread coverage, the availability of our Business Air Broadband service may vary based on your location. Please contact us to confirm service availability in your specific area.

    We offer 24/7 customer support for our Business Air Broadband service. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you with any issues or queries you may have, ensuring a smooth internet experience for your business.

    You can apply for our Business Air Broadband service through our website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team via email or phone, and we’ll guide you through the application process.

    For information on setup fees and other costs, please contact our sales team who will provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific business needs.

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    Moonkle LTD
    “Being in the banking sector, fraud and identity theft is not a new thing. Flashnet support on installing VPN for our firm has brought confidence to our staff as transactions are made”
    “You never know who is after your company’s data. This is why we took the initiative to contact Flashnet for VPN support”