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ZOHO and its role in a small business’s growth

A small business on its way up needs to utilize the best tools to help minimize costs, increase
conversion rates and deliver the best customer experience. These tools need to easily integrate with other tools to improve the workflow and sharing of information from one tool to another. ZOHO Cloud Software Suite and SaaS applications make this possible.

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ZOHO does work well with an organization of any size, but yet we haven’t gone into details on how the ZOHO software suite and SaaS applications can be the best option for small businesses. Here are some of the points noted:

1. Easy to use

The user interface designed and built for ZOHO apps does take into consideration of
simplicity in the design and how easily the users can intuitively find different useful features
via the interface. Due to the simplicity of the user interface, it even makes it take less time in
learning how to use the application.

2. Customizable Solutions

Yes, you can customize these applications and other solutions that come with ZOHO. You do
not need technical knowledge for you to customize ZOHO to your advantage. A few
adjustments can be made and help to have ZOHO in a custom layout that benefits your
business and increases employees’ productivity.

3. Quick Migration and Integration

You could be wondering if it’s possible to migrate your data to ZOHO and how complex could
it be. Well, ZOHO is well prepared on that where data of different formats can be migrated
to ZOHO and be integrated right away plus bring meaning to the data that can help you
further in making decisions when needed.
ZOHO integrates with multiple tools such as Office 365 apps and Google Workspace apps.
With such integration, the flow of data and information plus knowledge can move to ZOHO
and be well interpreted in a way that brings value to your business.

4. Reliability and Security

Your data needs to be handled carefully and this is why ZOHO brings strong encryption and
offers two-factor authentication so that data stays protected. Data from both parties is
handled with care through consideration of data protection and privacy guidelines.

5. Driving sales with lead management

For any sales team, converting leads is part of the job and the more conversion is done, the
better it is for the business especially when it’s a new, small business looking for customers.
ZOHO Solutions comes with tools that are to help in better sorting the leads, finding out the
authentic leads, nurturing the leads through emails and forms, and then converting them to

6. Automation and Productivity

Automation with ZOHO is through data entry, looking for leads follow-ups, sending emails
and making any updates on the fields accordingly. This is to help your sales team to focus on selling rather than be busy doing data entry, sending emails and other tasks that can be

7. Social media Accounts Management

You get to manage all your social media accounts through one platform. You can integrate
your social media accounts and be able to plan better for any posting to be done, get better
information about leads and build a better relationship with your customers.

8. Understanding better your customers

With aggregation features in ZOHO solutions, you can group your customers and understand better which communication channel they come from and how to manage them better. You can understand which communication channel works better than the other and this will help put more emphasis on certain channels so that you can further reach more customers, bring more leads and have more sales.

9. Live information and transactions on the Go

You can work as you are on the move and not only work on your office desk. There are
ZOHO mobile applications which is to support giving live feedback on any transactions and
even gives you information about customers and how to easily reach them. Apart from
getting live data, ZOHO solutions and apps let you call, set events, set reminders and
perform other related productivity-enhancing tasks through the apps.

We can go on and on about ZOHO and the solutions they have which are more than 40 integrated applications that are set to seamlessly sync with your business operations. These applications do cover different parts and departments of the business supply chain and this is one of the reasons why ZOHO is trusted and used by millions of users worldwide.