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Why Every Business Needs A Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Plan

It could be that disasters do not take place day by day but your business has to be prepared and has the right plan and strategy to recover from such an incident.
Wear to walk you through what is required to come up with the right business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in Tanzania so that your business can continue with its normal operations despite the disaster that has taken place.

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BCDR Solution, Do I need it?

  • At times you could say that your business does not need a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Solution. But in reality, every business does need a Disaster Recovery Solution and here is why you need one:
  • Data loss prevention. Yes, you could lose data, let’s say when your internal file server fails. This means you need a backup system.
  • When your business fails to be in operation for hours, it could lead to customers disapproving of your business and not considering it as a company that can provide services at all times. This will lead to losing a reputation you have built for some time and even losing your customers.

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Giving little attention to BCDR

Data loss, losing reputation, financial loss, losing customers and being out of business are some of the results when a business is not well prepared by having the right business continuity strategy and a team to recover from a disaster.

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