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Moving to Microsoft Office 365

So, what is Microsoft Office 365? The opportunity to work from anywhere by being able to access your data, files and apps is what Microsoft Office 365 does. You get to access the Office apps such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint with all the files that you have stored in the cloud through this subscription. […]


VPN Service for Business

Every business or individual that needs secured communication with peers would consider going for a VPN solution for their business or personal use. However, not only VPN services do offer the same features and it’s important going for the right VPN for your needs. We as a company do partner with the best security vendors […]


Managed IT Solutions and why you need them

Managed Networks, Managed Security, Full-time IT Support, Managed Hosting and Back solutions are some of the examples that are regarded as Managed IT Solutions. So basically, Managed IT Solutions do involve managing IT systems for your business or entity. For we being a Managed IT Solutions Provider in Tanzania for over a decade, we have […]


Why Adopt Cloud Solutions For Your Business?

Cloud services… are they important? In a simple description, cloud computing is all about delivering computing services such as applications, storage and processing power, where all your data and systems are stored in a separate location to ensure safety and accessibility for your teams. Definitely, the backup services, cost efficiency on running systems, scalability, remote […]