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5 Reasons why you need strong, secure and reliable internet connectivity for business survival

To thrive and bloom in today’s tech-driven world, enterprises need more than just thought and strategy on how they connect with the stakeholders, internally and externally. As a connectivity service provider, we believe that any contemporary organization, no matter where it is located—in Tanzania or elsewhere—needs reliable and high-speed connectivity services to function properly. With the work culture leaning towards hybrid nature, a mix of WFH and physical office attendance, the internet is like the backbone of a productive and profitable company.

Without further ado, let’s get into the reasons why businesses cannot survive without secure, reliable connectivity services in this 21st century


Benefits of having Credible, Scalable & Fast Connectivity service for your business

  • Data Security

Not having a well-setup connectivity for your business leads to data theft, corruption, and unauthorized access to data. So, it is crucial to have your connectivity properly configured in order to mitigate such incidences from occurring. Preventive and corrective measures need to be taken to ensure your data is masked, redacted and encrypted. A breach of your business data can affect your business reputation and even benefit your competitors when your business data is stolen.

  • Avoid Business Scalability Inconveniences

You might face severe challenges while scaling up your business. If you are opening new branches of your business in different locations and if your internet network is not well-designed or managed, this can adversely affect your deliverables and work schedules. To be on the safe side, you need to consult a qualified, well-experienced Managed IT Service Provider in Tanzania for the right plan to help install, monitor and manage the internet for your business.

  • Business Continuity

When the internet fails, it can critically affect your business operations and cause data loss or damage to the digital assets. Maintaining business operations during a disaster or after the crisis is what business continuity is all about. A good business network connectivity ensures network backup and redundancy. Flashnet’s BCDR plans, assess your goals and objectives, with a proactive approach to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies. It removes the burden of monitoring and managing your data, allowing you to focus on increasing dependability and lowering risk.

  • Grabbing Business Opportunities

Network connectivity that faces multiple downtime and disruptions can severely affect your communication with business partners and customers. This can lead to your organization missing many business opportunities, resulting in unprecedented losses. Businesses that adopt cutting-edge technology, high speed internet connection and utilize it to establish oneself in the market or provide remarkable customer service will always be one step ahead within their industry.

  • Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is, in fact, a result of being there for your customers in times of their need. Therefore it becomes imperative that you keep the lines of communication always open. Without strong and reliable connectivity established at your business, it can be difficult to interact with customers effectively and respond to their inquiries.

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Before going for a connectivity solutions provider, make sure that you choose the right managed internet service providers who are experts in setting up stable, reliable and secure connectivity for businesses. The Flashnet Network provides complete end-to-end IT solutions for businesses of any size in Tanzania.

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